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How much do you charge?

Our fees are quite flexible and are determined by many factors (Saturday nights are “premium” times, as are the months of July and December. We can usually work within your budget, but you would need to call us for a quote. Other factors that affect the price are:

  • Distance from Orange County, CA
  • How many guests will be attending
  • Inside or Outside (Outside venues generally require a larger sound-system)
  • The nature of the event (charity events and veterans groups would be examples of groups that could get a discount. Swing-dance events are based on our availability and the group’s ability to pay).

Bottom line is – we’ll work with you to make it happen!

How big is your band?

Wartime Radio Revue consists of 13 musicians and 3 singers.

The Class of ’69 consists of 8 musicians and 2 singers.

The Pete Jacobs Swingtet consists of from 5 to 8 musicians and 1 singer.

What are your stage requirements:

For the larger bands, we like to see a minimum of 24’ wide and 18’ deep. For the smaller bands, we can fit on a smaller stage.  We have been known to fit the band into some crazy configurations, but generally we like to have

Can you bring a smaller band?

Yes. The Pete Jacobs Quintet plays a similar style of swing music, but has only one singer and a small five-piece combo. We choose music for this band that is more “singer-oriented” and less dependant on a driving big-band horn section. This band is great for swing-dances, and smaller private parties.

Can you play other types of music besides just swing?

Yes. We can combine our “The Class of ‘69” with the Pete Jacobs Swingtet . This allows us to play swing music for the early part of the evening and end the evening with some great dance-tunes of the sixties and early-seventies.

Can you bring in some swing-dancers?

Yes. We work with several great swing-dance instructors and they can be hired to bring even more pizzazz to the event. They can do a breath-taking Lindy-hop demonstration, give a beginning dance-lesson so non-swing-dancers can learn a few moves and better enjoy the evening, and even “taxi-dance” for people without a dance-partner.

Do you need a changing-room?

Usually. The girl singers have several costume-changes in each show, so they need a room that is close to the stage where then can change. If one is not available, then they will perform in only one costume. The band members usually do not require a changing room, but if there is going to be a long time between sets, we do appreciate a “green-room”

What is the best way to provide food for the band?

If dinner is being served at your event, it’s always nice to let the band have a couple of tables. If that is not feasible, the band can have some food brought into the green-room. If the band is required to be there earlier than 7:00 PM, the entire band will need to eat. If only the setup crew (usually about five of us) is required to be there then the setup crew will need to eat, and the rest of the band will arrive having already eaten.

How much time do you need to set up?

Generally, we can set-up in an hour or so. Depending on how difficult the load-in is, it could take a little less or a little more time. If we are using our own sound-system, we don’t need an elaborate sound-check. If we are using your sound-system, or a professional sound-company, we will need a half-hour sound-check with no guests in the room. This will affect our arrival times.

Do you travel outside of Southern California?

Yes. If we need to travel further outside of the Five County Area (Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, or San Diego County) we would need to have hotel accommodations for the band. If we need to fly, we need to have air-fare provided and a “back-line” provided for us (bass amp, grand-piano or electronic keyboard (weighted-keys) with amp, a guitar amp, a drum-set suitable for big-band jazz, and a sound-system (minimum 16-chanel mixer with at least two monitor speakers). We’ll bring all the rest.

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